Inaguración nuevo estudio

Abril 2022 Inaguración nuevo estudio de Yoga


Organizamos jornadas abiertas para todo aquel que quería conocernos y probar el yoga que ofrecemos; Power Yoga, Hatha, Hatha Flow, estilo satyananda y sivananda, meditación y ejercicios de respiración. Alumnos del centro acudieron haciendo intensivo de yoga y finalizamos la jornada con una pequeña inaguración del nuevo centro.

Sin importar la experiencia, o nivel que cada uno tenga, esperamos ver a muchos más practicantes de yoga en esta sala ^^ NAMASTE!

How Lupita Nyong’o Transformed Herself Into Hollywood’s Newest Superhero



Before we even meet, Lupita Nyong’o decides to interview me first. Too many journalists end up impersonally grilling her over lunch, she tells me over the phone, and as a result, she wants to know some things about me so that we can have an actual conversation. In our pre-interview, I discover our mutual love of the clothes of Nigerian fashion label Maki Oh, and our shared, slightly unhealthy obsession with Game of Thrones. “I’m not caught up, though, so I can’t talk about it. I’m in the dark and blissfully so,” she says, laughing. “I like to spread it out so that it can live with me for longer.”

Pole-dancing is a decidedly stark change from the mixed-martial-arts training Nyong’o underwent for her role in the movie, which premieres next month. Black Panther, which Nyong’o calls “brave for an action film,” is based on a Marvel character that debuted in 1966. She plays Nakia, bodyguard and love interest of the young leader (Boseman) of an advanced African kingdom named Wakanda. The country has never been colonized, and its traditions have matured without interference. “For me, as an African who lives outside Africa and wrestles with that dichotomy of tradition and modernity, this is almost healing,” she says.


Before filming began, she spent up to four hours a day for six weeks in boot camp with her castmates. “Chadwick had a live drummer come in as we worked out, and it was so cool—it changes your sense of internal rhythm,” Nyong’o tells me. “My character fights with anything: guns, spears, ring blades, shoes, glass.” Nyong’o’s appreciation of working out started when she was a child watching her aunt exercise to Jane Fonda videotapes at home in Nairobi. She now has a trainer come to her apartment in Brooklyn several times a week, and physical training plays a significant part in her preparation for every new role she takes on. Flexibility is more important to her than exertion, so that she can stay “fluid and open.” She does plenty of stretching, drinks a lot of water, gets regular massages, and takes Epsom-salt baths. She tries to avoid anything that results in tension or bulk.

Her physical practice stems from a broader desire to preserve something essential about herself. Nyong’o, who is 34, wants to remain childlike, she explains, so that she can feel buoyant and unabashed about who she is. “That’s why I like to try new things, like pole-dancing” or mastering new languages and accents, and learning the ukulele for her next role. “I value not being good at things, because children are not good at things.” She is about to leave for Australia to begin preproduction on an independent comedy/horror film called Little Monsters, directed by Abe Forsythe, in which she plays a kindergarten teacher. Right now, she is in the period of self-doubt she usually experiences when starting a new project, she says, “feeling like a total rookie.”


Retaining a childlike sense of buoyancy by stretching and staying flexible helps Nyong’o prepare for the characters she plays. Dolce & Gabbana jumpsuit.

Photographed by Mikael Jansson, Vogue, January 2018



She is moving ahead with the screen-adaptation rights she optioned for Chima­manda Ngozi Adichie’s novel Americanah—a love story about a young Nigerian couple who take separate paths before reuniting. Nyong’o will star as the headstrong protagonist, who finds herself becoming a popular blogger in America, and she is also delving into the production process. “Americanah is close to actually rolling camera—it’s about time,” Nyong’o says. She will be making the film with the production company Plan B, which was cofounded by Brad Pitt, her costar in, and a producer of, 12 Years a Slave. As for the stage, she is waiting to find a play that excites her as much as her last project, Danai Gurira’s Eclipsed. “I am a theater baby first and foremost,” she says. “It may pull me back sooner than I think.”

From Nairobi, with stints living in Amherst (where she went to Hampshire College), the Mexican city of Taxco (where she spent time learning Spanish), and New Haven, Nyong’o is still mulling the concept of home. When she first moved to New York, “I had the mattress on the floor for so long, my mom was like, ‘Buy a bed. You are alive now, and you need a bed now. Accept your existence as it is in the moment,’” she recalls with a laugh. So she bought a bed and dug into Brooklyn: eating local, going to farmers’ markets, finding out who her city representatives are. Nyong’o is also relishing her free time, listening to podcasts (she loves “On Being” and “The Business”), going out for oysters with friends, cooking (“I like to make salads,” she says), checking out fashion (Off-White is her current favorite), and laughing at the comedy of Russell Brand.


Before she disappears from the car, she tells me that she has just been in talks to star in a buddy comedy for Netflix with Rihanna. She is feeling exhilarated and defiant. “I am here. I am happy to be here,” she says, tilting her head, immersed in thought. “I know this industry was not made for me. But I’m not going to apologize for being here.”

This information from Magazine Vogue

Mini retiros 2017

Comenzamos un Viernes y acabamos un Domingo, hemos elaborada un programa completo de fin de semana para los que no puedan permitirse más de 3 días festivos en estos días de invierno. Al mal tiempo buena cara, es así como pensamos en Feeling life Yoga al ver los días de lluvia y temperaturas bajas.

¿Que se puede hacer en invierno que podamos aprender y disfrutar al mismo tiempo de nosotros mismo y de lo que nos envuelve?

En Feelinf life Yoga tendrás en estos 3 días un pack en que estarán incluidos:

  • Talleres de Yoga, Pranayamas (ejercicios de respiración, para oxigenar bien nuestro cuerpo), Relajación, corrección de asanas (posturas yoga)
  • Caminata para todos los niveles
  • Sesión de masaje después de la excursión


Riders del Kitesurf también tienen en su rutina el Yoga

Muchos deportistas completan su deporte con el yoga, que además de ganar flexibilidad y fuerza, les ayuda a conectarse con si mismos.



Foto: Nereida Novellon

En la siguiente imagen Matchu Lopes campeón Mundial de Kitesurf Strapless 2016, y subcampeón en GKA KITE SURF WORLD CUP 2017, mientras esperaban el viento para poder seguir con la competición.



Feeling Life Yoga decide emprender un nuevo proyecto, poder ofrecer un programa completo y saludable a todos aquellos que deseen pasar unos días en un ambiente mediterráneo rodeados de la bella naturaleza y pueblos que nos ofrece la isla de Mallorca. Todo empieza al acabar una temporada de verano 2016.

Luciano Sigilli fundador de la escuela Kite&Yoga en Mallorca, empezó a los 13 años su aprendizaje autodidacta con un libro de Yoga escrito por Indra Devi. En el 2008, Luciano tuvo el placer de conocer a Geo Moskios y su esposa Katresha Moskios,  durante años ha estado y sigue colaborando en sus Retiros de Yoga en The Pearl of Laguna in Mallorca.

Katresha fue certificada como profesora de yoga por la primera Dama de Yoga, Indra Devi en el 1975. Katresha creó su propia línea para el cuidado de la piel Katresha Pure Skincare,

Geo lleva impartiendo clases de yoga durante más de 40 años, como padre de Power Yoga y alumno de la primera Dama de Yoga, Indra Devi.

Geo Moskios es autor de » The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Power Yoga » y » The Warrior Within «. Geo ha aparecido en » The Oprah Winfrey Show «, » Good Morning Australia «, y tomó yoga en todo el mundo para The Millenium en CNN .


A continuación, imágenes de Geo y Katresha Moskios.


Retrato Geo y Katresha Moskios 2017. Fotografiado por Nereida Novellon



Geo y Katresha Moskios en The Pearl of Laguna, California. Foto obtenida de la web de noticias The Morning Call.

Lady Gaga doing Swimming Pool Yoga


February 20, 2015 05:50 PM

Gearing up for her Sunday Oscars performanceLady Gaga hit the pool to tighten up her already toned figure – and this isn’t your grandma’s water aerobics.

“What a wonderful day, Swimming Pool Yoga!” the newly engaged performer captioned a Thursday Instagram post of her mid-pose on a paddleboard.

An avid yogi, Gaga, 28, recently discovered the sport of practicing yoga atop floating paddleboards while in Southern California, Boga Yoga founder Trish Meyler tells PEOPLE. Paddleboard yoga engages the same muscles as traditional yoga, but requires balancing on the board, which works the core and strengthens the midsection.


“She basically heard about it and is really into fitness and yoga and pilates and wanted to jump onboard,” says Meyler. “She did amazing and absolutely loved it, and it’s not just a one-time thing for her.”

Meyler launched the Boga Yoga paddleboards about five years ago, and people are flocking to “floating studios” both stateside and internationally.

“It’s a huge difference in that your core is used Every muscle in your body is working, no matter what pose you’re in: It’s switching with every weave, with every shimmy of the board, so it’s a great workout,” says Meyler.

“It’s more challenging than on land, for sure, but it’s also more fun.”

Info from People Celebrity