Mini Shop

Accessories for you practice

Meditation cushion anthracite organic cotton (OCS) from 29’75
Bolster round organic cotton 38€
Malas/BRACELET mineral AND WOOD FROM 4’25€
Yoga strap D-ring cotton 3’75€
Premium tpe yogamat 48€
Basic yogamat PVC 18’90€

Wellness and Home Decoration

Black onyx tumbled stones A quality 3’95€/unit
Vital Water Pitcher Cadus for minerals 63€
Feng Shui Gong Chime 17’50€
Ganesh water fountain 29’90€
Salt lamp with cable and LED from 20’35€
BUDdhAS from 21’50€

Smell and sound air freshener

Aroma stones diffusers 6’70€
Ultrasonic aroma diffuser Bamboo 66’25€
Ultrasonic aroma diffuser ZaZen brown 45€
Singing bowl from 28’40€
Essential oil Aromatherapy of india from 5’75€
Chakra melts scented wax for oil burners 7,38€
Crystal salt tea light holder 8’75€
Aromatic wax burner heart green 4€
24 T-lights stearin frankincense scented 15’85€

Accessories for your well-being and care of your body and skin

Himalayan salt soap & massage stone rectangle 3’28€
Skin care Alum stone Body Deodorant 7’25€
Tongue scraper superior quality copper 9€
4 massage Oils of 30ml 17’50€
neti pot ceramic + 25grs Himalayan salt 16’75€
massage roller from 12’70€