Wellcome to Yoga Alcudia

Our Yoga classes adapt to all levels

whether you are an expert or completely beginner You will

always feel comfortable in our classes

you set your limits, we will guide you.

What does Yoga offer you?

The asanas or exercises of Hatha and Power Yoga help you to improve your posture. They prevent back pain, cervical, migraine and they help to reduce your day-to-day anxiety.

Our teaching system follows the guidelines of yoga Alliance and International Yoga Federation

I.Y.F. Our teachers are trained and recognized by the most important organizations of Yoga. Our yoga classes are an ideal complement for all athletes and modalities.

We hold weekly group classes, in which our sessions vary from day to day.


We recommend having done some traditional Yoga classes to do Aerial classes, since the classes are verbally guided with corrections by the teacher.

  • Yoga practice through fabrics
  • Breathing and meditation in movement
  • Asanas depending on the chakras
  • Relaxation


  • Improve your elasticity
  • Strengthens muscles and relieves stress
  • Relieves tension in the hip and spine joints
  • Anti-aging exercises and delays the onset of heart problems
  • Improves blood circulation and drains the lymphatic system
  • Relax your body and lift your spirit
  • Align your body and mind is focused
  • Balance your being and renew your energy

WEEKLY GROUP CLASS SCHEDULE (click here to see the schedules):

Morning: You will find schedules from 8.15h to 12:00h

Afternoon: from 5:00PM to 8:00PM

New place: Calle gregal 11a, Alcudia
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Private lessons or classes with small groups at the beach in Alcudia? Consult the schedules with +34 610 088 688 or send us an email.


Classes in Alcudia and in the Bay of Pollensa!

Thursday and Saturday very early Yoga on the beach and in the sea!

Meeting Point: Carretera Puerto Pollensa 21

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Experience Yoga in a different and fun way.
 Class price; 35€ per person

If you bring your own paddle board 15€ !

In summer every week at 8:30h or 9:00h


Hatha & Power Yoga Teacher

Kitesurf Internacional Instructor

Yogui name: Anan Sagar


Profesora de Yoga Especialidad Satyananda

Terapy Certificate Craneosacral , PAR Biomagnetic & Access Bars


Graphic Designer , Reiki Master &

Hatha, Power, Aerial Yoga Teacher

Yogui name: Indirá