Lady Gaga doing Swimming Pool Yoga


February 20, 2015 05:50 PM

Gearing up for her Sunday Oscars performanceLady Gaga hit the pool to tighten up her already toned figure – and this isn’t your grandma’s water aerobics.

“What a wonderful day, Swimming Pool Yoga!” the newly engaged performer captioned a Thursday Instagram post of her mid-pose on a paddleboard.

An avid yogi, Gaga, 28, recently discovered the sport of practicing yoga atop floating paddleboards while in Southern California, Boga Yoga founder Trish Meyler tells PEOPLE. Paddleboard yoga engages the same muscles as traditional yoga, but requires balancing on the board, which works the core and strengthens the midsection.


“She basically heard about it and is really into fitness and yoga and pilates and wanted to jump onboard,” says Meyler. “She did amazing and absolutely loved it, and it’s not just a one-time thing for her.”

Meyler launched the Boga Yoga paddleboards about five years ago, and people are flocking to “floating studios” both stateside and internationally.

“It’s a huge difference in that your core is used Every muscle in your body is working, no matter what pose you’re in: It’s switching with every weave, with every shimmy of the board, so it’s a great workout,” says Meyler.

“It’s more challenging than on land, for sure, but it’s also more fun.”

Info from People Celebrity

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