How is a Reiki session?

the Reiki practitioner lays his hands on the body of the clothed receiver and lets the energy flow. The amount of energy received by the patient is determined by the patient himself, the Reiki therapist is limited to directing the energy forming an energy channel and the delivery is unlimited. The patient will notice a relaxation and sense of peace inside.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese word which has its meaning REl=»universal energy» and Ki=»individual».

Living things radiate heat and energy. We are all energy. A good example to see it is static electricity, when we bring our hands closer to the head keeping a small distance and the beauty of the scalp rises, or that spark that occurs when we touch our cat, usually in our garden at home in full sun of the day. Our energy is the life force.

Reiki is a process of encountering the Universal Energy with the physical energy of each individual. It occurs when the person is subjected to a process of attunement to it, performed by a trained teacher.

Also defined as Light energy, which penetrates the organism through the seven main chakras, located from the base of the spine to the top of the head, and which distribute it to the entire organism, balancing it.


What is the essence of Reiki?

The essence of Reiki is love, that feeling of joy, peace and life. Reiki opens you to love, it is the healing energy par excellence.

Reiki can be applied in direct contact or at a distance. It is a harmless, safe, efficient energy and compatible with any other type of therapy.

Price per session 40€ between 40 min. and 1 hour

* Price for 2 sessions 70€ *

«Depending on your case you will need more than 1 session to help you, you must bear in mind that you may not achieve what you were looking for in the first Reiki session,»


If you already have an appointment for your Reiki session:

Try not to drink coffee or soft drinks before the session. Come with comfortable clothes you should only take off your shoes.

For other inquiries or ask for reiki sessions write to us or call the 610088688 (Nereida).